How to install VS Code in an Android Phone and use any Device?

How to install VS Code in an Android Phone and use any Device?

Use VS Code On Android Phone

In this post, we will see how you can install vs code on an android device. We will use one of the most popular android terminals called termux.

Install and Configure VS code

To install VS code in android, first we need to install Termux application in our device. So, download and install Termux from F-droid, DO NOT INSTALL TERMUX FROM PLAYSTORE.

After you’ve successfully downloaded and installed Termux, follow the steps below to install Visual Studio Code in android

Step 1 :- Launch Termux application, and type pkg update to update the list of packages.

pkg update

Step 2 :- Install proot-distro package by typing pkg install proot-distro

pkg install proot-distro

Step 3 :- You can install any distro you want from the list, by the way we are going to install Ubuntu. So type proot-distro install and then alias name that is ubuntu

proot-distro list

proot-distro install ubuntu

After it is installed, type proot-distro login ubuntu to launch ubuntu

proot-distro login ubuntu

In Ubuntu system that is installed in Termux, copy paste the command below to update the list and install wget package

apt update && apt install wget -y

Step 4 :- Search on google code server and open first GitHub link and scroll down and click this link


Then, copy paste the following command to download code server.

Downloading code server


Extract the tarball using the following command:

tar -xvf ./code-server-4.5.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz

Run Visual Studio Code On Android

After the extraction is completed, you’ll see new directory named code-server-4.5.1-linux-arm64. Change the working directory to code-server-4.5.1-linux-arm64 using cd command.

cd code-server-4.5.1-linux-arm64

Get inside bin directory that is in code-server-4.5.1-linux-arm64 directory.

cd bin

Set password for your VS code using the following command

export PASSWORD="password"

Launch the VS code by executing code-server file.


Now open any browser in you phone and visit

vscodeinandroid1.webp In password section enter password and then submit. Congrats ! now you must be seeing VS code in your browser.


Bonus Trick

Close termux and open again and install this

pkg install openssh



Login Ubuntu and Start VS Code Server

  • proot-distro login ubuntu
  • cd code-server-4.5.1-linux-arm64
  • cd bin
  • export PASSWORD="password"
  • ./code-server

Open new session on termux

ssh -R 80:

Copy this link and open it



So this is how you can install and run VS code in your android phone with the help of Termux application. If you are going to use this thing, I would recommend you to get external keyboard and mouse for your phone. Because using this thing without external keyboard and mouse can be pain in the ass. You can also watch my YouTube video that will be uploaded soon on installing visual studio code on android.

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